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Via Fumerie 6
(localitÓ Panza)
80070 Forio (NA)
Isola d'Ischia, Italia
P. IVA 04742140637
tel. +39 081 90 90 59
fax +39 081 90 73 57

The taste of the Mediterranean

What banquets of delights there are at the Hotel Villa Miralisa! Because another great passion of ours is the pleasure of good eating and genuine food.
Directly from the field into the pot - thanks to our large vegetable garden, we prepare dishes, salads and preserves with freshness as the main ingredient. We cultivate, harvest  and cook them: tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes and vegetables of all kinds, and also fruit fresh picked from the tree, for fruit salads, cakes and jams. 

You will be greeted by our specialties every time you take your place at table: the sweet reawakening of breakfast, with homemade pastries, the mouth watering pause for lunch and dinner with traditional Mediterranean dishes – Ischian style rabbit, pasta with beans, sea food – as well as our incursions into the cuisine of Romagna which triumphs in its hand made pastas and doughs – passatelli, cappelletti, piadine.  R32;
Our two restaurants, one indoors and the other in the garden, are perfect settings for those moments dedicated to the genuine flavours of the land of Ischia: breakfast is international buffet style, lunch à la carte, and dinner is a lavishly rich buffet with three first and three second courses – among which there is always a fish dish – starters, side dishes and inventive specialties like buffalo mozzarella with hot boletus mushrooms or the octopus salad.

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