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Via Fumerie 6
(localitÓ Panza)
80070 Forio (NA)
Isola d'Ischia, Italia
P. IVA 04742140637
tel. +39 081 90 90 59
fax +39 081 90 73 57

We are surrounded by 700 varieties of plant

The hotel is located in one of the most fertile parts of the island, exposed to the south, sun-kissed,  and sheltered from the wind.
The hill overlooking Sorgeto is an out and out Eden where winter never sets foot, a never ending spring with plants and flowers flourishing in all their beauty. 
We could not but surround ourselves with a private park to satisfy our every botanical whim and offer a private paradise to our guests.

This is a garden of over 400 sq ms., where we take daily care of our 700 plants of over one hundred different species. R32;R32;Exotic rarities: centuries old cacti reaching five metres, branching grusonii, rockeries with precious plants. 
Mediterranean flora: olive trees, scented lemons, red bougainvillea and fuchsia, and sweet grape pergolas.

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