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Via Fumerie 6
(localitÓ Panza)
80070 Forio (NA)
Isola d'Ischia, Italia
P. IVA 04742140637
tel. +39 081 90 90 59
fax +39 081 90 73 57

Plunge into the blue

Even though we are in Sorgeto, one of the most celebrated places for bathing on the Island, we have desired to create the opportunity for our guests to plunge into wellbeing in complete privacy. So at Hotel Villa Miralisa you will find three pools. The three pools are all open air, in Villa Miralisa’s exotic garden and they are all equipped with hydro massage.

There is a large pool with hot water at 34°, another smaller one with water which is even hotter, reaching 38° and a little one for children with water at ambient temperature. In this area dedicated to sun and wellbeing, there is also a Roman waterfall with characteristic stone seat for real relaxation.

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