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Via Fumerie 6
(localitÓ Panza)
80070 Forio (NA)
Isola d'Ischia, Italia
P. IVA 04742140637
tel. +39 081 90 90 59
fax +39 081 90 73 57

A villa immersed in green.

The clear southern light, the vine leaves shining in the sun, the blue of the sea glimpsed among the cacti and the foliage of the trees, the intense perfume of the countryside. Villa Miralisa is a small hotel, but a great place to spend a holiday on the Island of Ischia.
Looking out over one of Forio’s most evocative bays, Sorgeto Bay, famous for its hot thermal water pools,  Hotel Villa Miralisa is immersed in the silence and the wellbeing that it offers, surrounded by a delightful garden with exotic plants and vine pergolas, yet it very close to the centre. The smiling hamlet of Panza is just 400 ms. away and a pleasant scenic walk takes you to the fashionable village of Sant’Angelo. We will do everything possible to make your holiday happy and comfortable, and for this reason we have equipped the hotel with a series of useful facilities. Hotel Villa Marilisa has a private internal car park allowing you to bring your car without worries, and a fully timetabled shuttle service.

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